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Marie Douglas-David Has a New Boyfriend

It was inevitable, really. Some man out there reading reports about soon-to-be-officially divorced Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David was bound to fall in love with her and seek her out. After all:

• She’s quite beautiful.
• She loves to travel.
• She comes with three houses in Sweden.
• If you date her, she’s a free business consultant.
• All she wants to do is make a baby for her man!
• You don’t actually have to give her expensive gifts, you can just pretend to!
• Oh, yeah, and she is so sexually ravenous that she’s willing to have sex with a half-man, half-prune. She’ll even grab its squishy arm and “drag it to bed.”

So congratulations, new boyfriend Johan Saxon! And congratulations, Marie! As you can see from the above picture, Saxon (left) is quite a bit cuter and younger than Marie’s estranged husband, George David. He’s probably only one-eighth prune!


Marie Douglas-David Has a New Boyfriend