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Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant in Divorce Shocker

Public figures divorce all of the time, but rarely are we moved to think: but why? They were so right for each other! But that was what we exclaimed this morning when reading about the difficult parting of ways between Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant in “Page Six.”

Not only were they a physical match, as you can see above, they were intellectually compatible. Brant, the billionaire CEO of his own newsprint corporation and the publisher of Interview and Art in America, is an avid art collector and polo player from Greenwich, Connecticut. Seymour is a former Victoria’s Secret model from San Diego who is perhaps best known for kissing Axl Rose with visible tongue in the 1991 video for “November Rain.”

Yet to the Post, these soul mates are breaking up, and the breakup is ugly. Brant has reportedly changed the locks on Seymour, who now finds herself bunking with the maid.

It’s OK. I’m sleeping in the maid’s quarters,” Seymour told a friend. “I’m doing the best I can to keep things amicable. I want to be the bigger person. But it’s tough. He’s playing very dirty with me.”

That’s no way to treat an Angel. But still we don’t understand what happened here. It couldn’t be that they ran out of things to talk about. We guess it’s true what Axl said: “Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.”

November rain - Guns N' Roses


Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant in Divorce Shocker