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The Sale of Old Yankee Stadium Begins

The Mets announced the sale of Shea Stadium’s seats way back in August, and now it’s the Yankees’ turn to sell every possible square inch of old Yankee Stadium, one piece at a time. (The slogan for Yankees-Steiner, the company in charge of the auction, is literally “Ruth Built It. Yankees-Steiner Took It Down!” Exclamation point most definitely theirs.) Naturally, they’re starting with the seats, and you can expect to pay more than the $869 the Mets charged. Well, sort of.

A pair of seats — similar to the $869 Shea ones — will cost $1,499. (And while that seems like a lot more, mostly because it is, it’s at least less than the $1,923 it was once reported they were going to charge.) If you want a specific pair of seats — perhaps your season-ticket seats, or the ones from your very first game — that’s an extra $500. A single chair will cost $749, while a single bleacher seat is $399 — unless you want a specific one, in which case it’s $449.

The Yankees will also be auctioning off 1,500 items online over the course of the next two and a half months, when you’ll have the chance to bid on such keepsakes as an “authentic blue cylinder trash can w/ NY logo” (starting bid $200). Not everything is online yet, but there are plenty of signs, which at least have semi-practical uses: “Smokers will be ejected” (perfect for a sports bar), or perhaps “Interfering with player or ball in play is strictly prohibited” (which obviously should forever hang above Jeffrey Maier’s sofa). Bidding for these begins at $200; for an idea of what they might fetch, Lelands president Mike Heffner told New York last July that the “Intoxicated fans will not be permitted into the stadium” sign could go for $500.

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The Sale of Old Yankee Stadium Begins