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Three Lowlights From Last Night’s Yankees Loss to Boston

The Yankees losing to the Red Sox isn’t exactly new. In fact, if they can do it without allowing anyone to steal home, it’s a step in the right direction. But last night’s game was especially miserable. After the jump, three reasons why.

1. The weather was absolutely miserable. This game easily could have been rained out, but instead they chose to delay the proceedings and let everyone spend two hours and seventeen minutes buying garlic fries before the first pitch was finally thrown at 9:22 p.m. The News even has a story about fans who were told the game was rained out, only to then be told they couldn’t reenter the ballpark when they realized that wasn’t true. Well done, Yankees!

2. The Yankees are such a tease. They rallied in the ninth against Jonathan Papelbon, but despite loading the bases, couldn’t push across the two runs needed to tie the game. This, by the way, happened at 1:10 this morning. The 6–4 loss makes them 0–4 against Boston so far this year.

3. Jorge Posada may have injured himself. Posada left the game with a hamstring injury — not the same hamstring injury that was bothering him last week — and was taken for an MRI. Obviously, it’s not worth panicking until the results of that test are known, but manager Joe Girardi made it sound like it might be serious. So even while one vacancy in the lineup is about to be filled, another might be opening up.

Three Lowlights From Last Night’s Yankees Loss to Boston