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Tim Geithner Is ‘Dauntingly Fit’ Stud on Tennis Court

So, as you know, earlier this week the Times published a copy of Tim Geithner’s 2007 schedule, and right on the second page was a tennis date with Jim Impoco, then of Portfolio. We e-mailed him, casually curious to find out what the Treasury secretary’s game was like, but he was cagey, like he was holding something back. Why?

Here is the relevant text of our unsuccessful volley:

Intel Jessica: Hey so I am hoping you could tell me about how Tim Geithner’s tennis game is.
Impoco: Tim’s got an awesome tennis game. Don’t think I want to elaborate, but you can go with that. Thanks for asking.
Intel Jessica: WHAT. How can you not elaborate. At least tell me how his legs look in the shorts.
Impoco: He is dauntingly fit and quick but ever polite on the court.
Intel Pressler: “On the court” he is polite. Interesting. Since you’re not giving me much to go on now you leave me no choice but to read something into that. Since you’ve gotten all up close and personal (I mean, again, you’ve just left me to assume you saw him naked in the locker room) does he deserve to be one of People’s Most Beautiful People?
Impoco: Personally, I find his wife Carole much more appealing, but I suppose I wouldn’t vote Tim off that list.
Intel Pressler: (Thinks: So you’d bone the Treasury secretary’s wife. And you see three-way potential. Interesting.) Anyway, who won the game?
Impoco: He did.

It was then that we figured out why Impoco was being so recalcitrant. He totally let him win. Wouldn’t you? The man’s in charge of the IRS. Poor Tim. His whole career, he’s probably thought he was really awesome at tennis, but like Jon Hamm in that 30 Rock episode, he’s actually just in The Bubble.

Tim Geithner Is ‘Dauntingly Fit’ Stud on Tennis Court