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Simon van Kempen and Albie Manzo Are E-mail Buddies

Alex McCord introduced Lauren Bush’s FEED project to the masses when she bought one of the organization’s burlap dresses on The Real Housewives of New York City, so we weren’t surprised to run into her and her husband, the flamboyant Simon van Kempen, at the organization’s bag launch at Bergdorf Goodman last night. Though it was the night of the showstopping Real Housewives of New Jersey finale. Were they interested in seeing the much-ballyhooed table-tossing scene? “I have to admit, I haven’t been watching their show,” Alex admitted. “But that’s not because I haven’t been watching their show, it’s because I don’t watch TV.”

Simon has managed to catch a few episodes, though, and he’s developed a friendship with one of the cast members. “Albie, Caroline’s son, has e-mailed me a couple of times,” he said.

Really? We asked. About what?

About how they’ve suddenly gone from nobody knowing who they were yesterday to millions of people knowing who they are today, and casting judgments based on three minutes.” Like Simon, who was besieged by gay rumors simply because he enjoyed wearing vinyl pants and dressing his wife up like a Barbie doll. But all people say about Alfie is that he’s hot.

Alex chimed in: “Since it’s their first season, they might not necessarily be up on, you know, me saying a whole paragraph to a reporter and that reporter with an agenda picking out one sentence and twisting it to be something else.”

New York, who you’re speaking to,” Simon added.

This was awkward. We started to say something about how it’s really interesting she would actually think that journalists had agendas regarding reality-TV stars even after all of her vast experience with the media, but then we got tired and changed the subject to which city future versions of the series might be set in, instead.

Simon thinks Bravo will film in Chicago or Dallas. “The Windy City or the titty city,” he quipped.

Simon van Kempen and Albie Manzo Are E-mail Buddies