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Bethenny Frankel Has a Scandalous Past Too, You Know

Bethenny Frankel, the skinny baker whose sharp witticisms gave The Real Housewives of New York its edge last season, was not at home to watch the Big Reveal of Danielle Staub’s criminal past on last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. “Her whole scandal was 24 years ago,” Frankel told us dismissively while working the room in a snug cream suit at last night’s party for Frangelico at STK, before expertly turning the topic back to herself, as she is wont to do. “Twenty-four years ago I was dancing on a speaker at the Palladium,” she said. “I was 14, going to Manhattan, going to the Palladium, finding my way in, which is illegal.” Okay … not as illegal as kidnapping, possession of cocaine, and extortion, perhaps, but we’ll bite. Did Bethenny have scandalous stories from back in the day?

I met Brett Ratner at the Palladium when I was 14,” she told us. “He told me that his parents owned Arabian horses and that he was going to be a director. I was way too young to be there. He used to fly to New York and go to Sweet Sixteens with me.”

Wow. That is kind of scandalous! How old was he then? we asked.

Oh, 15. Anyway. Moving on! What about that picture that recently surfaced of her, in which she appears mooning a camera?

That was a private photograph,” Bethenny explained. “It was a mistake.”

So it just leaked?

Yes. But you know what? I’m posing nude for PETA in August, so I’m just getting started early.”

Oh. So she’s fine with it?

I’m fine with everything,” Bethenny said.

Later, we asked her if she had any comment about Kate Hudson and Madonna’s alleged squabble over Alex Rodriguez, with whom Bethenny was recently linked. “Kate Hudson and Madonna were next to me at the Met ball after-party!” she exclaimed excitedly. “So the three of us could have gotten into a mud-wrestling match over Alex,” she said. But they didn’t. Too bad. “That would be a great career move for me.”

Bethenny Frankel Has a Scandalous Past Too, You Know