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Gillibrand Tangles With Daily Kos Commenters, Considers Twitter

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been posting diaries on Daily Kos for months now, but today she stepped up her efforts to ingratiate herself to the liberal (and deep-pocketed) community by wading directly into the murky depths of the comment thread. “In the comments of every diary I’ve posted here,” she wrote, “I’ve received one question time and time again: when are you going to stick around and respond to our questions in the comments? This morning, that’s precisely what I’d like to do. So ask away. I have about a half hour and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.”

While most of the commenters were polite and grateful to have a senator interacting with them directly, there was one bad seed who was left entirely unimpressed. After Gillibrand answered a question on gun violence, commenter Arken responded, “wow i heard the same exact answer last sunday on WABC in New york with Dana Williams. I mean its exactly the same.” It actually wasn’t exactly the same — we checked — though Gillibrand did cover all the same talking points, as most politicians will do when they discuss one topic over and over.

Soon after, Arken accused Gillibrand of directly copying and pasting her answers. Finally, the senator had had enough of this rabble-rouser, and struck back, though in a more dignified manner than is usually exhibited in Internet flame wars. “Lame,” she responded to the copy-and-paste claim. “I am typing it myself as fast as I can …. ” Huzzahs echoed throughout the thread. “I believe you’ve just been snarked by a US Senator,” one commenter chided. After taking a few more questions on marriage equality, health care, and veterans, Gillibrand asked her new friends whether she should try Twitter, and then left to rejoin the real world. “Thanks for letting me blog with you — its a lot of fun, and I think I would happily hang out with you for a few hours,” she said. Except for Arken. He’s kind of a dick.

I’m Here To Take Your Questions [Daily Kos]

Gillibrand Tangles With Daily Kos Commenters, Considers Twitter