Johnny Depp Is a Really Good Tipper

Johnny Depp left a $4,000 tip at Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse in Chicago following a screening of Public Enemies with his co-star, Marion Cotillard. Facebook to the rescue: Some lady in Montreal found the 11-year-old British kid that Megan Fox brushed aside, whose name is Harvii, on her list of friends, and now he’ll get a photograph with the sultry star. While in Atlanta to cheer on A-Rod against the Braves, Kate Hudson opted to root for Rodriguez from the bar of Morton’s Steakhouse. Angelina Jolie supposedly told Jennifer Aniston to “back off” after Aniston sent Brad Pitt some “motivational texts.” And some fun-loving New Orleans residents have started a “Brad Pitt for Mayor“movement (Hey, if Arnold can be governor … ).

According to C. David Heymann’s upcoming book, Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, Jackie Kennedy and Marlon Brando shared two steamy nights together. But Kennedy experts are denying his claims. Caroline Kennedy has been made into a cartoon character for the comic book Female Force: Caroline Kennedy. Anna Wintour schmoozed White House social secretary Desirée Rogers at Monkey Bar. And, she’s reportedly ordered her Vogue underlings to secretly monitor comments on September Issue’s (her documentary’s) Facebook page. Two scantily clad PR girls sneaked onto the set of Harrison Ford’s upcoming flick to present him with a $750 Gurkha cigar. Billy Joel has been invited to participate in Long Island’s first ever Divorce Expo. And Joy Behar says she doesn’t have time to get married, despite her recent announcement.

Katy Perry posted a naked picture of herself on her Twitter page (in a bath, with a pizza covering certain areas), saying that “food is … luring me with sexual seduction.” Then she posted a digitally enhanced photo of herself as a chubby girl. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was detained for several hours at Charles de Gaulle after punching a waiter in a drunken airport-bar scuffle. Busta Rhymes caused a scene outside Pink Elephant when he had to wait to get in. Russell Simmons and French “actress-model” Noémie Lenoir were “making out like teenagers” at the Gates.

Wimbledon champ Martina Navratilova has a multi-million-dollar lawsuit on her hands, thanks to a female ex-lover, who claims Navratilova married her then dumped her eight years later. Interior decorator Geoffrey Bradfield modestly promoted his new book by taking over an East 93rd Street mansion, body-painting two naked muscle men as peacocks (with appropriately placed feathers), and inviting guests to swing from chandeliers. Seth Rogen ate pasta at West Hollywood’s Il Sole. Maybe he’ll get cute and chubby again! Mario Batali and Tom Colicchio worked on their air-guitar skills during Aspen’s Food & Wine Magazine Classic.

Johnny Depp Is a Really Good Tipper