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Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon Watch Gossip Girl

Often when we look at the news, the world just seems so random and chaotic and full of meanness and terrible things. But sometimes, we come across something wonderful, like the fact that nineties superstars Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, of Sonic Youth, sit at home on Monday nights in their house in Northampton watching Gossip Girl.

Kim has actual thoughts about Blair and Chuck and the gang:

As bad as they are as role models, the fact that they’re good students has a real impact — it surprisingly counterbalances the other things,” she says of the show’s errant characters.

Right. But what does she think of Chuck and Blair getting together at the end of last season? Was the flowers scene realistic or not realistic? We’re dying to know. Kim, call us.

Kim Gordon Watches Gossip Girl: You Got A Problem With That? [VF]

Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon Watch Gossip Girl