Leonardo DiCaprio’s Baby Face Finally Works Against Him

A thief is running amuck at Reebok Sports Club, which boasts members like Lloyd Blankfein, Chris Cuomo, and Taye Diggs. The burglar is swiping goods from lockers, like talent manager Steve Hertz’s $7,000 Panerai driving watch. Eminem had a $60K diamond necklace stolen from his L.A. hotel room, because who wouldn’t just leave that lying around a hotel room? And while his performance with Jay-Z at D.J. Hero’s Monday-night launch was stellar, “the energy just died” when he rapped solo. While he prepped for an encore performance, the crowd left. Front-row partygoers included Usher, Tobey Maguire, Ryan Phillippe, Rihanna, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson (i.e. Nick Lachey’s former sister-in-law) whispered “Awwwkward!” to her bodyguard after chatting with Lachey’s current flame, Vanessa Minnillo. Ed Westwick charmed some models (but exited solo) at the Hudson Terrace and the Randolph while girlfriend Jessica Szohr was away. Kate Hudson was all smiles as she watched A-Rod defeat the Texas Rangers. When Leonardo DiCaprio showed up at the Gansevoort’s Ono on a bicycle, sporting a baseball hat and dark glasses, the doorman carded him.

After walking off the show twice during Monday’s premiere, Speidi have officially quit I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! and are heading back to The Hills. London is on high alert as LiLo rolls into town, where her sort-of ex, D.J. Samantha Ronson, is currently spinning. “Soccer” had better watch its back: Prince Harry told Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and team owner Woody Johnson that he “love[s] American football” and intends to return for a Jets game. When the Daily Mail paid Amy Winehouse a 9 a.m. visit at the St. Lucia resort where she’s supposedly cleaning up her act, Winehouse was already on her second shot of tequila for the day, boasting, “I think I’m doing very well … I’d normally have had six shots by now.”

Eliot Spitzer toasted his old Horace Mann buddy, lawyer Herb Nass, for his birthday, along with skin-care guru Peter Thomas Roth. Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Thomas Keller celebrated the wrap of Top Chef’s sixth season, which films in Vegas, at the Wynn’s Blush nightclub. Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert told Pressure Cooker’s 20-year-old aspiring chef that her omelettes are better than his. Richard Wolffe dissects the Obamas’ marriage in his new book Renegade: The Making of a President, noting a “rough patch” surrounding the president’s failed race for Congress in 2000.

Natalie Portman biked through the West Village. Real Housewife Ramona Singer got mad when the paparazzi at Axe in Southampton ditched her to take shots of Nick Cannon, lifting up her husband’s shirt in attempts to catch their attention (no one cared), and eventually weaseling herself into a shot with Cannon. Brad Pitt, Spike Lee, Ed Norton, Judd Apatow, Jonah Hill, and Anthony Kiedis schmoozed over dinner at L.A.’s Akasha. Paris Hilton leaves the possibility open for a summer wedding to Doug Reinhardt. We’ll believe it when we see it. And Melissa Joan Hart was overheard whining about how Farrah Fawcett’s potential death could bump her off the cover of this week’s People magazine, where she flaunts her 42-pound weight loss. Hart is simultaneously promoting her new ice-cream-and-candy store.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Baby Face Finally Works Against Him