Swine Flu Hits Vogue

A memo just went out to Condé Nast employees informing them that an “employee working on the 12th floor at 4 Times Square” has tested positive for Influenza A. “According to CDC,” the memo notes, “the H1N1 virus is a sub-type of Influenza A.” As you may or may not know, the twelfth floor of the Condé Nast building is the home of Vogue. Time for rich people to start worrying about swine flu!

From: [Redacted]
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 11:56:41 -0400
To: Conde Nast NY - All
Conversation: Flu Advisory
Subject: Flu Advisory

We were recently notified by an employee working on the 12th floor at 4 Times Square that a doctor confirmed a positive test outcome for Influenza A (according to CDC, the H1N1 virus is a sub-type of Influenza A). This employee also confirms being under a doctor¹s care and currently recovering at home.

In line with CDC recommendations, please monitor any flu-like symptoms should they arise and check with your healthcare provider about any special care that may be required should you be pregnant or have a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or emphysema.

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Swine Flu Hits Vogue