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The Press Has Some Words for Hiram Monserrate

What we learned about Democratic State Senator Hiram Monserrate today by reading the combined press coverage of his continued wavering over whether to vote with Republicans or Democrats in Albany, which continues to hold up all political action in the Senate:

Hiram Monserrate is a “turncoat” whose rise to such power has “given many pause.” He’s turned New York into “a place where hypocrisy thrives” and “has been bouncing all over the place like a ricocheting bullet.” His “increasingly wild gyrations have paralyzed Albany politics and stalled vital legislation for a week — and counting.” This “incomprehensible,” “violence-prone” guy “doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going” and speaks “in gobblydegook worthy of Woody Allen’s Bananas.” He is “seeking the highest bidder for pork projects, office space, staff, campaign cash — and even money to pay for lawyers to help with his legal troubles.” Watching security footage of the alleged beating he gave his girlfriend (for which he was indicted) in December “causes the blood to boil” and may even incite “insanity.” “Deep down inside,” even he must know that his actions this week “are a betrayal of all the progressive values he has ever espoused.”

If we were Hiram, we wouldn’t just be worried about reelection. We’d be worried about making it through the weekend.

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The Press Has Some Words for Hiram Monserrate