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There Is a ‘Webutante Ball’ and We Weren’t Even Invited

There’s something kind of fitting to the fact that we’d never heard of Richard Blakely and Jessica Amason’s “Webutante Ball” until we read about it on page 57 of the print edition of the New York Post. Not only were we not invited, but we still can’t figure out exactly what it is. “This is a way to celebrate people who are passionate about having a presence on the Internet,” says Caroline McCarthy, a CNET blogger and friend of the couple who happened to be nominated for “Webutante Queen” of the ball. “But it can get tinged with a lot of narcissism and exhibitionism. I can see how this will look like an excuse for a bunch of quasi-nerdy 20-something Internet geeks to jump in front of cameras.” Oh, Caroline. One should always be careful when giving quotes like that to the Post. Print is old-fashioned; it can’t compute self-snark. Anyway, according to the website for the Ball, which will take place on the Empire Hotel rooftop tomorrow night, there is a whole list of people who could be named “King” and “Queen.”

Nominees for King:
Amir Blumenfeld
Dennis Crowley
Ricky Van Veen
Andrew Krucoff
Richard Lawson
Gary Vaynerchuck
Anthony De Rosa (a.k.a. SoupSoup)
David Karp
Rex Sorgatz
Jamie Wilkinson

Nominees for Queen:
Rachel Sklar
Peggy Wang
Caroline McCarthy
Soraya Darabi
Kari Ferrell (a.k.a. the Hipster Grifter)
Mo Pitz
Sarah Schneider
Mary Rambin
Julia Allison
Rachelle Hruska

We’ll refrain from all comment, for fear of being interpreted as “jealous” in Tumblr-speak. So, instead: “Vote Big Gay Richard for prom king!!”

Vote for King and Queen [Official site]

There Is a ‘Webutante Ball’ and We Weren’t Even Invited