Tomorrow Is Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today the Daily News tells us some news that is simultaneously stupendous and devastating. Apparently, tomorrow is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” THAT IS A THING? Did you people know this? Is there also a “Bring Ice-Cream Sandwiches for Your Gay Co-workers Day” that we didn’t know about? What kind of offices have we been working in until now that we didn’t know this was a holiday, and that it’s been celebrated in the United States for ten years?

Now, readers, you are all on notice. You are going to be required to send any and all pictures of puppies at work (if they are wearing work attire, even better, and if they can be actually trained to do your work for you, best) to intel @ nymag.com tomorrow. If we get enough, we’ll make a slideshow of adorableness. And to any and all New York co-workers, listen up: You’d better bring your dogs to work tomorrow, or else you are going to be looking at three (okay, one) very unhappy Daily Intel editor(s). We’re looking right at you, Copy Chief Megan Who Sits One Cubicle Away and Who We Happen to Know Has an Adorable Goldendoodle Named Snapdragon.

You see, that’s why the news of Take Your Dog to Work Day is both happy and sad. People will be bringing puppies to the office! Yay! But some of us don’t even have a single puppy to bring. Booo 

Blue, white and dog collar workers: Owners get set for 10th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day [NYDN]

Tomorrow Is Take Your Dog to Work Day