Adrian Grenier Reduced to Luring Women With Booze

J. Lo “threw a fit” because guests like Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz showed up late to her 40th birthday bash at the Edison Ballroom. In your face, Doug Ellin: Cameron Diaz just signed on as Seth Rogen’s love interest in The Green Hornet. Orlando Bloom turned down his role of Will Turner in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, reportedly so that he can spend more time with Miranda Kerr. Would-be serious actress Megan Fox seduces all of her victims in upcoming horror flick, Jennifer’s Body, which also has a “hint of lesbianism.” Sienna Miller thinks the eyes of a new action-figure doll made in her likeness are too squinty. Adrian Grenier lured ladies to his table at Miami Beach’s Rokbar with shots of Patrón and beer chasers. Like they wouldn’t have joined him otherwise?

After cutting the ribbon on Ron Perelman’s Deluxe film company building, Governor Schwarzenegger celebrated with Perelman and Warren Beatty at the Chateau Marmont. John Travolta is calling it quits on Scientology. Jay-Z will be filling in for the Beastie Boys, kicking off opening night of next week’s All Points West music festival. Rumors surrounding Michael Jackson’s death just keep on coming, as Motown founder Berry Gordy had to deny a story that he was hiding Jackson’s body in his family crypt at Forest Lawn Cemetery. And Paris Hilton is sure that the King of Pop’s daughter was named after her.

Kate Major says she was never a call girl, despite claims that she once said she charges $1,500 per hour. And now she’s shopping her tell-all (about her weeklong “fling” with Jon Gosselin) around to the tabloids. Gosselin, meanwhile, dropped $950 on patent-leather wingtip shoes at Pravda Abbigliament on Madison, and every time Jeremy Piven scuffed his Prada loafers during his Speed-the-Plow days, he’d just buy another pair. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor caught Next Fall at the Peter J. Sharpe Theatre. While dining at Da Silvano, Ralph Fiennes asked Andrew Stein what it was like dating Ann Coulter. But what did he say, “Page Six”? Way to leave us hanging. Farrah Fawcett left longtime love Ryan O’Neal bupkis in her will.

Beatrice Inn has almost no chance of renewing its liquor license, because it’s been shuttered since April, owes $23,000 in city fines, and still has neighbors campaigning against it. Emmanuelle Chriqui and Malin Ackerman (who recently had to shave her eyebrows to play a woman with alopecia) got some D.J.-ing tips from Mark Ronson at the Hudson Terrace the other night. Hayden Panettiere stopped the filming of a Heroes scene after crew members blasted birds out of a tree with a leaf-blower. Kanye West partied with Amber Rose at M2 Saturday night. A-Rod and Kate Hudson locked lips during the Yankees’ annual postgame family picnic on Saturday.

Adrian Grenier Reduced to Luring Women With Booze