Ali Wise ‘Has Done Nothing Wrong,’ Says Lawyer

Laws governing new media and technology are still pretty fuzzy, and so far, sneaking into someone’s e-mail or voice mail isn’t technically illegal unless you use the information you get against the person, a lawyer for Alycia Lane, the Philadelphia news anchor whose colleague used information he got from hacking into her e-mail to smear her in gossip columns, once told us. This, along with some other technicalities, could get Dolce & Gabbana publicist Ali Wise, who last week was arrested for using Spoofcard to hack into designer Nina Freudenberger’s voice mails, off the hook, Wise’s lawyer told WWD today.

He said authorities had misapplied new laws governing technology. The eavesdropping charge should be dismissed because, among other reasons, Wise had not overheard or recorded a conversation, Heller said. Of the computer trespass charge, he said authorities had not alleged or proven, “that Ali engaged in any ‘unauthorized’ conduct in conjunction with a computer or computer service.”

Nice. Of course, there’s no loophole that will get her out of the other, arguably more important (to a socialite) charge, which is that she is a first-degree nutty jealous beeyotch. We’re pretty sure the court of public opinion has already indicted, tried, and convicted her of that, and soon (if not already) she will be forced to serve a social sentence, characterized by uncomfortable social situations, rescinded invitations, hair-salon shunning, and possibly even line-waiting.

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Ali Wise ‘Has Done Nothing Wrong,’ Says Lawyer