Ali Wise to Some Girl: ‘Do Not Get on That Plane’

In our mental cataloguing system, we’d filed the story of Ali Wise, the blonde Dolce & Gabbana publicist/socialite recently arrested for hacking into the voice mail of another blonde socialite with whom she shared an ex-boyfriend, under “romantic dark comedy.”

But now it sounds like it might actually belong under horror.

This morning’s “Page Six” introduced us to a third blonde socialite: Briana Rasinski, a “freelance fashion designer” who used to work for BlackBook and who also used to date Josh Deutsch, the Downtown Records founder who dated Nina Freudenberger and Wise and who some* suspect may be in possession of a magical, socialite-attracting wang. Like Freudenberger, Rasinski didn’t know Wise, but she did reportedly receive phone calls from her “whenever they [Rasinski and Deutsch] appeared in public together,” which is extremely eerie, in a One Missed Call kind of way. The alleged stalking culminated one night when Briana was due to fly to the 2007 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, but bowed out.

Says “Page Six“‘s source, who is totally Briana:

A week before Briana was supposed to go, Ali called and warned her not to get on the plane. She ended up not going and breaking up with Josh.”

Wait. What did she say to convince her to do that? “Page Six” doesn’t say. But as urban legend has it, when someone claiming to be Ali Wise calls you and you don’t do exactly what they say, you DIE. (Or, you know, you stop getting Dolce freebies.) Are you next?

One Missed Call [YouTube]

Ali Wise to Some Girl: ‘Do Not Get on That Plane’