Amy Winehouse Reportedly Stole Coke From Kate Moss

Lindsay Lohan joined a “tan and fit” Jessica Simpson at a listening party for her dad’s Papa Joe Records label. Meanwhile, Tony Romo issued a security alert blocking Jessica from his Dallas gated community. Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband says she once stole cocaine from Kate Moss’s handbag while partying in a private suite at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Two hipsters asked Keri Russell to lick the cappuccino foam off their noses at a café in Boerum Hill, but she declined. David Shuster went into a tizzy when one of Keith Olberman’s cameramen shot him from behind, exposing the bald spot he tries to conceal from viewers at all times. While dining with three burly bodyguards at Serafina on Broadway the other night, Sean Combs made sure to sit facing the giant billboard promoting his modest new fragrance, Sean John — I Am King.

Mischa Barton has been released from the psych ward and is ready to begin production on The Beautiful Life, a TV series in which she stars as a drug-addicted supermodel. Lauren Conrad says she wrote her novel, L.A. Candy, herself, no matter what Kristin Cavallari says. Miuccia Prada checked out young clubgoers’ partywear at Greenhouse. Katie Holmes narrowly escaped injury on the set of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark when a car caught fire while she was filming inside of it. Kim Kardashian and NFL star Reggie Bush have called it quits. Not only does Sienna Miller hate the “squinty eyes” on her G.I. Joe action figure, but she says the doll “has the biggest chin you have ever seen” and “looks sort of possessed.”

K-Fed continues to increase in girth. Pedro Espada and Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson dished on Bloomberg over steaks at Prime Grill. And at a Comedy Central roast of Joan Rivers, Brad Garret said that Rivers has “fucked more old Jews than Bernie Madoff.”

Chris Martin will be a celebrity voice in the upcoming season of The Simpsons, along with Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, and Jonah Hill. Tobey Maguire’s mother and younger brother are slated to star in their own reality show, Growing Up Maguire. Sonia Sotomayor lunched with staffers at Sazon in Tribeca. After dissing Jared Kushner, 72-year-old columnist Michael M. Thomas will no longer be contributing to the Observer. Ricky Martin bailed on J. Lo’s birthday party after 30 minutes. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long made out in front of Gemma at 2 a.m Friday night. And someone’s is trying to cash in on Madonna’s success: An anonymous seller has put up for auction love letters, old video footage, and two microcassette tapes of answering-machine messages she once left for her ex (James Albright, a former Limelight nightclub security guard), in which she refers to herself as “Lil’ Booty” and Albright as “Booty.”

Amy Winehouse Reportedly Stole Coke From Kate Moss