Our New Favorite Thing: Badgers

Not long ago, the office building we work in installed mini-television screens with news on them in the elevators, which is great, because God forbid a full minute passes by without us ingesting some kind of information. Last night as we were leaving, it presented us with this delightful story about a drunk badger that passed out in the street in Germany, which has now made its way into newspapers on every continent, and for good reason: It’s hilarious and informative! From it, we learned four things:

1. Badgers get diarrhea when they are drunk.
2. Badgers can turn fruit into alcohol with just their stomachs! (They are like magic!)
3. Badgers are adorable.
4. “Badgers” is a pretty funny word to say over and over again.

That is all.

Drunk badger blocks German road [AFP]

Our New Favorite Thing: Badgers