Bernie Madoff Is ‘Doing Okay,’ Says Lawyer

Bernie Madoff’s lawyer, Ira Sorkin, had a nice little chat with the Daily Beast today. Gent that he is, Beast contributor Allan Dodds Frank inquired after Bernie’s well-being in the aftermath of being sentenced to 150 years in prison. How’s the old man taking it?

Madoff “is doing OK,” said Sorkin. “He understands there has been closure.” And, said Sorkin, “He has felt ashamed and upset about his victims since Day 1.”

Well, that’s good … Wait, sorry, what?

Well, that’s good … Wait, sorry, what?

Which Day One is Sorkin referring to, exactly? The one twenty-odd years ago when he said, “Hey, I’ll just take money from this person and tell this person it’s their returns” or the day he stopped trading altogether? Or the day he said to the little old lady whose husband had just died, “Your money is safe with me” and then took the rest of her money from her? Or the actual day he confessed? Ugh. Confusing!

Bernie: I Won’t Appeal [Daily Beast]

Bernie Madoff Is ‘Doing Okay,’ Says Lawyer