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Chase Thief Robin Katz Has Always Been the Life of the Party

Yesterday, the Post suggested fun felon Robin Katz was “on the lam” in California prior to getting arrested for stealing $110,000 from one of her clients at Chase. But we’re more inclined to believe that she had no idea she was about to get nabbed. First of all, she was carrying receipts and the ATM card she’d duped when she was arrested, which we imagine she would have thrown away or burned if she’d really known the jig was up. Plus, she told Carise Raney, a friend of hers from Smith, that she would try to make it to a big party she was throwing in West Virginia over the weekend, once she got done with this pesky business trip she had to make to New York.

She said, “My boss and I have to come to this conference in New York.” She sounded upset about it. “She said she’d try to come by over the weekend,” Raney said.

Of course she didn’t come, because she was arrested and thrown into Rikers. Which is a shame because, as we know, Robin Katz was a fun-loving gal who loved partying. And apparently, parties loved her. As Raney told the Post: “I was really sad she didn’t come.”

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Chase Thief Robin Katz Has Always Been the Life of the Party