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Chase Employee Who Stole $110,000 From Client Was Delightfully Quirky

Usually when someone is arrested for committing a crime in New York City, the tabloids are unsparing. They’ll throw in a mug shot of the person staring sullenly into space, or a photo where they’re being paraded in handcuffs in front of blinding, unflattering lights, and include quotes from neighbors who always thought the accused was creepy. But today’s story about Robin Katz, a 25-year-old Chase employee who gradually siphoned $110,000 from a client and then skipped town, is actually kind of flattering. Not only does the Post call her a “banker beauty” and “sexy” (we find her to be more like average, but let’s not get into it, commenters), they make her sound kind of awesome.

• She reportedly says on her MySpace page (we can’t find it) that she is a “rocket scientist by day, party fool by night,” and lists her interests as “Politics: F– Bush. Sex: F– Me.”

• According to the Post, “Several photos show her skydiving, playing in a zero-gravity simulator and posing alluringly in a tight, low-cut top with her hands behind her head … She says one of the people she would most like to meet is ‘my good twin.’”

• A source told the paper that as for the money she took, “She just spent it … shopping … going out.”

• She went to Smith.

• “A next-door neighbor recalled loud music and Katz’s distinctive laugh resounding at various hours through the walls. “She was kinda kooky,” the neighbor said.

Aw! We’re kind of charmed, we have to admit. Except for the whole, you know, thief part. Still, we think Zooey Deschanel should play her in the movie, no?


Chase Employee Who Stole $110,000 From Client Was Delightfully Quirky