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Goldman Sachs: Now With Child Molesters

According to this week’s New York cover story, Goldman Sachs chairman John Whitehead once wrote, in a set of guidelines for company executives, “Reputation must be closely guarded, because it is ‘the most difficult to regain,’” which we guess is why Goldman Sachs spokesperson Lucas van Praag has busied himself making vague accusations about “shoddy journalism” in New York’s paper of record, the Post. But Van Praag might want to turn his attention to another matter 

A lawyer for Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs was caught in a sting operation aimed at perverts who solicit young girls for sex, officials said Tuesday.

Todd Genger, 33, is accused of trying to lure an underage teen with explicit chat on the Internet and then traveling to Westchester to consummate the cyber-affair.

In reality, the “girl” Genger was chasing was an undercover investigator posing as a teen in the chat room, the Westchester County district attorney’s office said.

Oh, Lucas. We hope you have nerves of steel. It’s only a matter of time before the news comes out about the puppy mills.

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Goldman Sachs: Now With Child Molesters