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Goldman Sachs Announces $3.44 Billion Profit

Goldman Sachs this morning announced second-quarter net profits of $3.44 billion, beating analysts’ expectations by more than a billion dollars. The Times calls it “a robust turnaround” from the end of 2008, when the bank lost money along with everybody else and was forced to accept a cushion under the government’s TARP program. But we wouldn’t really call it a comeback per se, since, after all, Goldman’s been there for years, wreckin’ shop, rocking their peers and putting suckers in fear, overpowering, over the competition they be towering.

We can hear Lloyd Blankfein’s bass from here.

Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

Goldman Reports Big Profit, Beating Forecasts [NYT]

Goldman Sachs Announces $3.44 Billion Profit