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I Love You, Ed Westwick

New Yorkers are supposed to be cool about celebrities. We’re supposed to not notice them, and be embarrassed by those who do, especially if they act giddy and/or crazy. Here at Daily Intel, we have a history of wholly screwing this up. For instance, when Intel Chris met Jude Law at an event, he was unable to stop his entire body from visibly shaking. Intel Jessica has the common but arguably more embarrassing problem of mistaking celebrities for people she knows. Always. It’s like a disorder. The worst was just this past spring, when she ran into Keri Russell, who she used to see at her coffee shop all the time until she moved neighborhoods, and, somehow forgetting that Keri Russell wasn’t actually her friend, started toward her to say hi. (Thankfully, the “Do I need to call security” look on Russell’s face stopped her in her tracks before further awkwardness came to pass.) Having had these experiences, we have nothing but empathy and even admiration for people who — despite the awkwardness and the uncoolness — have the courage to actually make an attempt to interact with someone they truly admire. That’s what happened to commenter Polish Perogi last night, who, after months of stalking around Chelsea hoping for a Chuck Bass sighting, finally caught sight of him at a Japanese restaurant in her neighborhood. Her full report is after the jump. If you’re inclined, we’d love you to send in yours, or put it in the comments.

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Venue: A Japanese restaurant that the author wishes will remain nameless to protect the star’s privacy, or, let’s face it, so she and Ed have a secret
Date: Sunday, July 19, 2009
Time: 7:50 p.m.

NOTES: So he walks in and I wasn’t facing the door and we’re looking at our menus and I hear my boyfriend say “Oh my God oh my God oh my God,” and he’s bright red and I’m like “What’s wrong?” and he says:

Chuck Bass just walked in.”

And like in slow motion I swing my head over and there he is asking for a table in the back — a private eating area. He’s definitely asked for it before. How nice is my boyfriend to point him out considering Ed’s the one celeb I am allowed to sleep with? (Aside from Clive Owen.)

So I’m shaking and I can’t concentrate on the menu and I was all distracted so after a few minutes, I decided to use the bathrooms, which were downstairs, but I had to walk toward the back. So I’m like — it’s either now or never. And so on my way back up, I walk in the back room and before I even get there, I say, “Ed?” which is kind of crazy now that I think about it because there he is sitting all alone and hears his name being called by some random female voice.

And he says, “Yes?”

And then I appear and here is basically what I said, though I don’t remember all of it because my heart was pounding and I was shaking and I think I blacked out a little even though I knew i was going to forget it and was trying to get myself to remember it while it was happening:

I love you. And I am so sorry to bother you right now and I don’t mean to freak you out but I want to enjoy my dinner but I can’t even think about eating knowing you’re back here and please don’t leave because I won’t bother you again I swear but my boyfriend saw you and he knows how much I love you and I wouldn’t come back here if you were with someone but you’re alone and I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much it’s crazy and you’re amazing and gorgeous and wonderful and I can’t wait for September 14 and it’s like my favorite day of the year and you’re just so amazing and I love you so much and you’ve like totally fucked up every woman in New York because you’re so amazing it’s not normal and (then I whisper) and between us, you’re the only guy aside from Clive Owen my boyfriend will let me sleep with you’re so amazing and so that’s that. I just had to tell you because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to taste my food and I love you and that’s it. Good-bye.”

And I have to say that it feels pretty liberating to get that off my chest. Kind of like telling the person you have a crush on at school that you love him knowing that you can’t have him but you just need to get it out there to move on. Although he’s an actor and could have punched me in the face.

His reaction? When I opened up with “I love you” I think he was a little pissed/disturbed, but halfway in, I think I won him over. He kept saying thank-you and he was smiling and laughing and it was really nice. Kind of wish I told him about the Tuesday recaps.

Maybe next time. Trust me. There will be a next time.

I Love You, Ed Westwick