Madonna Thinks the Road to Spirituality Begins With Being Rich and Famous

In a front-page article that Madonna supposedly wrote for Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper, Madge talks about how her life was changed by a Jewish mystic who told her that “being rich and famous is not the end of the road, but only the beginning.” Guess a lot of us aren’t even allowed on the road at all, then. And apparently on a writing streak, she also wrote a song for ex Guy Ritchie, just after returning from London with Jesus Luz. Jennifer Love Hewitt is writing her own comic book. Donald Trump partied with Rihanna at Katy Perry’s Hammerstein Ballroom show. Taylor Momsen supposedly didn’t down tequila shots with Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Matthew Settle, and Chace Crawford at her 16th-birthday bash at Hiro. Those close to Mischa Barton think it’s too soon after her hospitalization for her to begin filming on the CW’s The Beautiful Life, because, you know, playing a supermodel with a drug problem is going to be an exhausting stretch.

Official statement from Jude Law’s rep: “Jude Law can confirm that, following a relationship last year, he has been advised that he is to be the father of a child due in the fall of this year.” So, um, congratulations to him? Joe Jackson confirmed that Norwegian performer Omer Bhatti is, in fact, Michael Jackson’s love child. While partying with his pregnant girlfriend at L.A.’s Playhouse, Mel Gibson burst into a brawl with a Life & Style reporter posing as a fan who took his picture, which ended in Gibson ripping the reporter’s shirt and his security guard deleting the photo. Amy Winehouse’s dad faked a heart attack and had his doctor tell Amy he was dying in an effort to (unsuccessfully) “shock her” out of her heroin addiction. Clearly brains run in the family.

Eliot Spitzer is throwing a fund-raiser at his and Silda’s Fifth Avenue apartment for Cy Vance, who’s vying for Manhattan D.A. At a screening of his new movie, Adam, Hugh Dancy wouldn’t say when he and Claire Danes will marry, but Cindy Adams says it’s going to be in the next few months. Meanwhile Heath Ledger’s family showed up for their first movie since the actor’s death, and even stayed for the after-party at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Jay-Z and Beyoncé picked up hair products at Ricky’s on Sixth Avenue. Bruce Willis stopped into Babbo for a few drinks. Mets infielder Jose Reyes, who’s been on the disabled list since May with an “injured hamstring”, was spotted dancing into the wee hours with a slew of Latin ladies at Serie 56 in Washington Heights.

George Clooney’s latest Italian model-companion is also a lap dancer. Ali Larter’s getting hitched in Maine this weekend. Tony Romo used to meet up with other women at Jessica Simpson’s concerts. Because that’s where all the real catches hang out. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted over whiskey at 675 Bar. Twilight’s Rachelle Lefevre is “stunned” that the studio would replace her character, Victoria, in the film’s third installment, owing to her own scheduling conflicts. And during the CFDA’s “town hall” meeting to discuss the fashion industry’s steep price markdowns, Anna Wintour suggested implementing discounting ground rules that all the retailers could agree to. When Diane Von Furstenberg pointed out that that would be illegal, Wintour replied, “Is that something we can change? We have friends in the White House now.”

Madonna Thinks the Road to Spirituality Begins With Being Rich and Famous