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Mayor Bloomberg Used to Take Dates on the Staten Island Ferry

On Google’s new “Favorite Places” application, celebrity followers can find out the favored restaurants, hot spots, or even just parks and intersections of the stars they love. Of course, we immediately checked out the “New York” section to see what our own celebrities picked. Several unsurprising responses included: Diane Von Furstenberg likes the High Line, Danny Meyer likes the “food options” in Madison Square Park and near Beacon Theater, and Moby likes the “very hard to find” Chinese mall under the Williamsburg Bridge. But we learned some cute new things, too. Here’s a sampling:

• Mayor Bloomberg used to take dates on the Staten Island ferry.
• Fashion Week chief Fern Mallis must be buds with Graydon Carter; she picked both Waverly Inn and Monkey Bar as faves.
Paper’s Mr. Mickey gets depressed in zoos.

• Choreographer Mark Morris thinks Shake Shack is overrated.
• Isaac Mizrahi performs [what?] at Joe’s Pub.
• Masaharu Morimoto sings karaoke at Top Tunes. [We are not surprised.]
DVF seems to think the Waverly Inn’s reservation policy has become more lax; she recommends a garden table and tuna tartare, as if anyone could get in.
• Marc Ecko once sparred Puerto Rican professional boxer Migual Cotto at Bronxchester Boxing Club.
• Alan Gilbert, new director of the New York Philharmonic, has been to Williamsburg; thinks it is “a totally happening hood.” He also only wears Earnest Sewn jeans. [Really.]
• Moby swears that when Billy’s Antiques closes, and takes away its menacing Rottweiler, twenties sex toys, shrunken heads, and fetal pigs in jars, he will leave the Lower East Side.
• Betty Buckley swears that angels play music at Barneys.

Also, we kind of learned that Google has surprisingly low pull among celebs. We want to know where Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker get sushi, too, you know.

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Mayor Bloomberg Used to Take Dates on the Staten Island Ferry