Meghan McCain Is ‘Relieved’ She Doesn’t Have to Live in the White House

Robert Pattinson went to see a band at Webster Hall on Monday but it was totally normal and nobody noticed. Sean Combs and Jay-Z are said to be organizing a boycott of OK! magazine after it paid $500k for a front-page death photo of Michael Jackson. Miley Cyrus likes a dirty novel. Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page were seen walking arm-in-arm near the Bowery Hotel. Meghan McCain thinks Hilary Duff should play her if her upcoming book becomes a movie, doesn’t know who should play Sarah Palin, and is “relieved” her father lost so she doesn’t have to live in the White House.

Howard Stern and his wife, Beth Ostrosky, have been picking up trash on the beach while cameras film them for Ostrosky’s Plum TV show. Suddenly shuttered Vibe magazine was planning a Michael Jackson tribute issue when it closed. Howell Raines has plans to go fishing.

Lindsay Lohan was paid $70k to have a pre-birthday party for herself at a Las Vegas nightclub on Saturday, where she didn’t drink and changed bathing suits five times. Michael Jackson once called a painting of Mary and Jesus “awesome!” before being outbid on it by Sylvester Stallone. Ashleigh Banfield helped a law student win tuition money by serving as his expert lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Allegra Versace had a birthday party, where her friends said they’re happy she’s “made it this far.”

Heidi Klum had a baby shower on Sunday and Liv Tyler was there. Celebrity gardener P. Allen Smith flipped his car while driving drunk in the Hamptons Monday night, but he’s okay. Mariah Carey dressed up as two different men to film her new video. One of them looks like Eminem and the other a hotel bellhop. Dennis Rodman paid his entire restaurant bill in Miami even though he didn’t have to. Actress Kerry Washington is looking for a $3,000-per-month sublet in Manhattan starting in September. Larry King only flies in private planes. Stacy London’s thong and its tag were hanging out of her pants at brunch on Sunday.

Meghan McCain Is ‘Relieved’ She Doesn’t Have to Live in the White House