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Noel Son-in-law Spotted ‘Vacationing Blatantly’

Earlier this week, one of our commenters mentioned that Fairfield Greenwich founder Walter Noel’s eldest and least wise son-in-law and employee, Andrés Piedrahita, apparently feeling sufficiently distanced from the fund’s Bernie Madoff–induced losses of $7 billion, had recently purchased himself a little pick-me-up from luxury-boat outfit Camper Nicholson: a $22 million, 150-foot-yacht called Oxygen. According to the commenter, who cited sources in London, “Piedrahita was spotted cruising the Mediterranean this past month in Saint-Tropez and most recently in Venice.”

Vicky Ward, who wrote about the family for Vanity Fair, must have the same sources, for she has picked up on this intel and elaborated in the Huffington Post. According to Ward, Piedrahita is currently sailing around the Adriatic with his wife, Corina Noel, and their children, and “I am told he has plans to cruise around the Dalmatian coast and Corfu.” Apparently, Piedrahita, whose job at Fairfield Greenwich was, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, to “live grand,” hasn’t stopped “working.”

Says Ward:

Over the weekend I was with financiers who say they’ve seen him out and about as if nothing ever went awry in his life. Acquaintances believe this blatant vacationing is “a tremendous risk” — no doubt referring to the very angry Latin Americans who allegedly gave him money to invest and could not legally declare it. I have heard he would be unwise to set foot in certain places around the globe, people are so furious with him.

Well, with all due respect to Ward: Duh. Of course it would be unwise to “set foot” places. That’s why he’s on a boat. We’ll give the man this: He’s crafty.

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Noel Son-in-law Spotted ‘Vacationing Blatantly’