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Panthers Continue to Plague Palisades

Back in June, when The New Yorker wrote about the rumors of panther sightings in Snedens Landing, New York, it seemed like nothing more than a quirky suburban legend. After all, the townspeople have a history of telling tall tales that dates back to the fifties, when residents reported the presence of a raccoon wearing a bow tie, and the people who live in that artsy community are the sort likely to have dabbled in hallucinogenic drugs back in the day.

But, since then, the mystery has deepened. The special panther tracker hired by the county found no footprints or scat that correlated with a panther (the “very strange pile of poo” he uncovered while accompanied by The New Yorker was apparently something else), and the security cameras put in place by authorities have not captured a single thing. Meanwhile, sightings have increased, and eviscerated deer carcasses have turned up in the woods, and the townspeople are getting nervous.

According to the Times today:

The trouble is, no one really knows what, if anything, is out there.

Clearly, what we have here is a couple of shape-shifting Satanists. Who, if anyone, can stop them?

Lurking in the Wild, or the Mind [NYT]
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Panthers Continue to Plague Palisades