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Sanford: My Outing As an International Philanderer Is Actually Going to Make Things Better, See

This morning, in an open letter to his South Carolinian constituents published in The State, disgraced governor Mark Sanford talked about his past, the end of his affair with Argentine beauty Maria Belen Chapur, and his future. See, the state Republican party had already announced that it’s time to move on, and now, it seems, Sanford agrees. “It is true that I did wrong and failed at the largest of levels, but equally true is the fact that God can make good of our respective wrongs in life,” he writes. “I’ve been humbled and broken as never before in my life, and as a consequence have given up areas of control in a way that I never have before. And it is my belief that this will make me a better father, husband, friend, and advocate.” Wait. Sorry, is he saying that this was good for his family, friends, and for the state? Why, yes!

I’ve realized that as much as I have and will continue to advocate for things ranging from restructuring to responsible spending to school choice, my approach needs to be less about my will and more about looking for ways to more humbly present the greater principals [sic] and ideas at play. It needs to be less strident and more about finding ways to work with legislative leaders to advance the ideas so many of us believe in. It means less time fighting the tide, and a greater awareness of the fact that God controls it. In working with a few alterations to my approach, I think this could be a far more productive last session than the one that would have been had the tragedy that has unfolded not occurred, and in turn, people’s lives can be made better.

Ah, yes. When this guy disappeared for five days, lied about hiking on the Appalachian Trail, then turned up in Argentina where he was shacking up with a mistress and betraying his family — somehow we knew it was all going to come back to the issue of school choice.

Sanford: An apology, and a pledge [State]

Sanford: My Outing As an International Philanderer Is Actually Going to Make Things Better, See