Sarah Palin Tries to Clear Up the Confusion

Because some people are apparently too thick to comprehend a simple resignation speech, Sarah Palin decided to invite a slew of reporters and TV cameras — including Good Morning America, the Today show, and CNN — to the secluded Kanakanak Beach in Dillingham, Alaska, where she’s been fishing with her family. “You know why they are confused?” Palin told ABC’s Kate Snow, “I guess they cannot take something nowadays at face value.” Exactly. Since she spelled out her motivations so clearly before, the widespread bewilderment at her decision must be an intentional act of defiance. So Palin has decided to make herself even clearer today, explaining repeatedly that she resigned because frivolous ethics charges had caused her to decide not to run for reelection, which then made her a lame duck who couldn’t “effect change.”

That actually at least kind of makes some sense — unless, like CNN’s Drew Griffin, you insist on wondering why she made herself a lame duck in the first place by announcing now, instead of at the end of her first term, that she wouldn’t run again. Because, Palin answered, the ethics charges would continue relentlessly anyway. So, in reality, her explanation could be pared down to “Ethics charges are forcing me to resign,” without all that lame-duck stuff. Except that would be like quitting in the face of hardship. And that’s not what she’s doing at all. She’s not a quitter, no. She’s just … not running for reelection, early. Huge difference.

Here’s Palin on GMA:

And on CNN:

Palin: “If I Die, I Die. So Be It” (VIDEO) [HuffPo]

Sarah Palin Tries to Clear Up the Confusion