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What on Earth Is Tyra Banks Going to Do on Gossip Girl?

Blair will never know what hit her.

Genius gossip elf Michael Ausiello has some perplexing news for us today. Seems supermodel and talk-show host Tyra Banks has signed on for a role on the Greatest Show of Our Time. And, confusingly, she won’t play herself. She’ll be acting. This, to us, seems a little ambitious. Tyra Banks is beautiful, hilarious, and likable. She is also gigantic, instantly recognizable, and slightly terrifying. How on earth is she going to blend in on the Upper East Side? (We know, we know, they’re in the Village for college now, but let us tell you, we saw Tyra in the Village once and girl did not blend.) So now it’s time to play our favorite game: Who Will This Celebrity Play on Gossip Girl? We’ll get you started:

(A) The head of a modeling agency who scouts Vanessa on the street because of her “exotic look.” Jenny tricks Vanessa into going to the meeting, and suddenly V is swept up into a whole new world of glamour and vice. After the second episode of this, it gets so ridiculous that Nate “doesn’t even recognize” her anymore, and she falls back to Earth.

(B) She is Georgina Sparks’s professor of “Death and Beauty” at Gallatin. She sees the evil glitter in Georgina’s eyes, and takes her under her wing. But when things get too crazy, and Georgina is asked to do things even she wouldn’t dare do — a kitten snuff film, for example, or an outer-borough eating contest — Georgina flees back to Jesus Camp.

(C) She is a fat evangelist who convinces Serena, as part of a publicity stunt, to dress up in a fat suit for a week and see how people treat her. Serena lasts one day before she sets the polyester suit on fire and goes running off the roof of the Palace Hotel.

(D) She is a drag queen. Come on, the show hasn’t had any drag queens yet!

Put your guesses in the comments!

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What on Earth Is Tyra Banks Going to Do on Gossip Girl?