Billy Joel Unloads His Katie Lee Baggage

Leighton Meester was getting rowdy while celebrating a friend’s birthday at Philippe in East Hampton, “rallying her friends to out-scream the ‘Happy Birthday’ song of a nearby table of girls.” We’re sure Jeff Zucker and Steve Schwarzman, who were dining at other tables, didn’t mind. Madonna partied in Portofino with Jesus Luz to celebrate her 51st, along with her children and Dolce & Gabbana. Ralph Lauren refused to schmooze with the other designers (including Tory Burch, Vera Wang, and Nicole Miller) at Guild Hall’s Art of Fashion event in the Hamptons. He insisted on entering through the back door and avoiding the red carpet. Snoop Dogg exited the Mandarin Oriental solo, sporting a big backpack. And Lindsay Lohan’s father kept trying to catch his daughter’s attention as she wormed her way into conversation with Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Kim Cattrall at a Bridgehampton benefit Saturday night, but she successfully ignored him. Billy Joel is asking $35 million for the two oceanfront properties he bought for Katie Lee.

Eric Dane (i.e. Grey’s Anatomy’s “McSteamy”) and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, made a sex tape with former Miss Teen USA Ann Peniche, and it was just leaked to the web thanks to an investigation into Peniche’s supposed sex-for-hire past. Faces of the twelve ripped and shirtless firemen featured in the FDNY’s 2010 calendar will be masked by shadows and dim lighting because “women like it.” Matt Dillon shared a pizza with a hot blonde at Luzzo’s. Chris Noth downed a few vodka shots at HighBar. Sean Penn withdrew his application for a legal separation from wife Robin Wright Penn, then pulled out of two movies to spend more time with her, but she has “no plans to reconcile.” And some widow is auctioning off her husband’s L.A. burial plot, which lies directly above that of Marilyn Monroe. Bidding has already reached $2.5 million on eBay.

Despite Papa Joe’s pushing, Jessica Simpson will not be filling in for Paula Abdul on American Idol. Kanye West and John Legend shot their “Whatever You Want” video at LIV in Miami. Ne-Yo posed for a photo shoot at Pulse Karaoke Lounge. Eva Longoria Parker is opening a restaurant in Vegas. Carolina Herrera offered Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato an internship after he showed her sketches for the denim line he’s trying to launch.

Celine Dion is preggers with her second child, thanks to 67-year-old René Angelil and a team of fertility doctors. Spike Lee shared egg whites and grits with Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz at Junior’s. Sandra Bernhard thinks Sarah Palin is “a drama queen.”

Billy Joel Unloads His Katie Lee Baggage