Brad Pitt Used to Be a Stoner

A topless Kate Moss hung out on a yacht in St. Tropez with Dutch model Karen Mulder (who was charged earlier this year for making threats against her plastic surgeon). Harvey Weinstein, meanwhile, lunched at Club 55 with Jason Statham as Saudi Prince Alwaleed cooked up halal food on his yacht nearby. Sharon Stone posed topless for the cover of Paris Match. George Clooney hosted Matt Damon and Don Cheadle at his Lake Como estate. Heidi Klum managed to look hot in metallic maternitywear. Chace Crawford played with children at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and reporters just happened to find out about it. And Jude Law’s baby mama was a Hooters girl. Brad Pitt says he was a pothead when he was younger.

Will McKinsey’s cost-cutting analysis of Condé Nast apply to Anna Wintour? In a sneak peek of The September Issue, Vogue’s creative director, Grace Coddington, sighs, “They’ve probably thrown out $50,000 worth of work,” referring to just a few pictures that Wintour cut from the magazine. In the wake of Paula Abdul’s departure, Victoria Beckham is set to guest-judge on American Idol. Because remember how she had a pre-scary-skinny-fashionista singing career? K-Fed’s spare tires and trips to Dairy Queen are finally working in his favor. A weight-loss company is offering him a million bucks to use their product and shed pounds. This could be more advantageous than divorcing Britney! And some guy in the Bronx is suing Oprah for $1 trillion, claiming she sold 650 million copies of his poetry under another name.

After becoming a couple in February, True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are engaged. Moyer’s romantic words? “My girl is hardcore.” Tony Curtis says that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe while filming Some Like It Hot. Steven Tyler was hospitalized after falling off a stage in South Dakota. Miley Cyrus’s stalker is worthy of nightmares. Fifteen sari-clad dancers mobbed Seth Meyers during Tuesday’s Bollywood Hero premiere while Ed Norton looked on. Mischa Barton missed out on her co-star’s birthday celebration because she was too busy crying and smoking. Tyra Banks noshed on fried zucchini at Macelleria. And Russell Brand strolled from Lure Fishbar to the Mercer Hotel.

Kudos to Ashley Judd: she’s getting her Masters in Public Administration at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Kristin Davis (of Sex and the City, not the Emperors Club) is no longer a spokeswoman for human-rights organization Oxfam International because the cosmetics line she promotes, Ahava, supposedly uses resources from “occupied Palestine.” Mark-Paul Gosselaar (who will never live down his Zack Morris days) is slated to star in Julie White’s upcoming Off Broadway show The Understudy, along with Weeds’ Justin Kirk. Officials from the W. administration can’t seem to get ahold of speechwriter Matt Latimer’s upcoming tell-all, Speech-Less, which touts a Devil Wears Prada–style look into the White House and requires its advance readers to sign a confidentiality agreement. And 25-year-old Weather Channel reporter Katy Tur is rising up the NBC Universal ranks, now freelancing for WNBC/Channel 4. But we’re sure it has nothing to do with her boyfriend being MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

Brad Pitt Used to Be a Stoner