Britney Spears Is Hiding in Midtown Right Now

Britney Spears is “hiding” in Manhattan as a promotion for her concert and Z100. If you find her at 6 p.m., she’ll give you two ringside tickets. She’s doing it all through her Twitter. Here is what we know, and some (wrong) guesses as to where she might be. UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter and Britney’s latest clue, we’re 99 percent sure we know where she’ll be 

1. She’s between 20th Street and 60th Street.
2. Her hiding place involves a “guilty pleasure” and something “sweet.”
3. You’re not really looking for Britney, you’re looking for “her clown,” to whom you must say “I seek Britney” at precisely 6 p.m. to win.
4. A clue: “They’ve been around since 1941.”

We had so many guesses (Wollman Rink, Serendipity 3, Rock Center, Madison Square Park, FAO Schwartz), but then the 1941 clue came out and torpedoed them all. One thing is certain, however: If you see a clown at 6 p.m., tell him you seek Britney and see what happens!

Update: It’s the M&M’s store in Times Square. Thanks to commenter likethecheese for figuring it out even before the latest clue pretty much confirmed it. Go there!

Britney Spears Is Hiding in Midtown Right Now