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Five Random Things We Learned About Ted Kennedy

If you’ve been reading the tributes and obituaries for Ted Kennedy, you’ve likely come across many of the same events, themes, and stories time and again, some of them already familiar to you, especially since Kennedy was pretty much eulogized last year when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. But in all the coverage of the past day, there were a handful of more obscure Kennedy facts that we’d never heard before. Here are our favorites:

• He poured dirt from the Arlington National Cemetary graves of his slain brothers, John and Robert, onto the burial site of Yitzhak Rabin in Jerusalem. [TPM]

• He was the first member of Congress to have a website — and it’s awesome in a retro-hideous way. [Think Progress]

• During his 1980 Democratic National Convention speech, he had a half-serious, superstitious fear that the TelePrompTer would break. [Time]

• He was pelted with tomatoes in South Boston during the controversy over school busing. [Time]

• He wouldn’t go to Dallas, where his brother was assassinated. [National Journal]

Five Random Things We Learned About Ted Kennedy