Mel Gibson Spends the Entirety of His New Movie With His Hand Inside a Beaver

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who are “not boyfriend and girlfriend but have definitely hooked up,” snuggled and smoked at a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver. Meanwhile, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens canoodled at the very same concert, and the Brits are buzzing that they’re engaged, but they’re not. Kate Hudson and A-Rod have been going at it at roadside pit stops in Seattle. Beyoncé is taking ballet classes at New York’s Alvin Ailey School of Dance. Brad Pitt says he stopped smoking pot for his kids’ sake. Amanda Seyfried admits that her makeout scene with Megan Fox in the upcoming horror flick Jennifer’s Body was purely a publicity stunt. While filming a strip-club scene for The Bounty with Gerard Butler in the Bronx, Jennifer Aniston told one of the on-set pole dancers that she “looked like a professional.” She was. Jodie Foster roamed the halls of Westchester’s White Plains High School to prep for her role in The Beaver with Mel Gibson, in which Gibson spends all day with a beaver hand puppet.

Joe Jackson dished about his son’s burial (which will happen on what would have been Michael’s 51st birthday) over ribs and cornbread at the Palms in Vegas. Meanwhile, Katherine Jackson has moved Michael’s body to a secret freezer. Mark Wahlberg was rushed to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation on the set of The Fighter. Woe is Hugh Grant. He suffers from terrible stage fright, and as a result is thinking of quitting acting. Rumer Willis celebrated her 21st at Tao in Vegas with Demi, Ashton, and Bruce Willis, along with some Vegas showgirls, an Elvis impersonator, and a couple of male strippers. Lady Gaga’s manager reports that the singer thinks of her men like candy, “take the wrapper off and chew it up a few times.” Marisha Pessl is getting a divorce. George Clooney is suing a photographer who climbed over the wall of his Lake Como home and shot “intimate photos” of him and his girlfriend, as well as a 13-year-old girl who was changing in one of his guest rooms.

President Obama, Buzz Aldrin, Bob Schieffer, and Tom Brokaw are slated to speak at Walter Cronkite’s September 9 memorial, as well as George Clooney’s father, who will be filling in for George while he’s off at the Venice Film Festival. Rachel McAdams needed duct tape to prevent possible Pucci dress malfunctions on the red carpet. Joe Simpson is pushing for his daughter Jessica to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol.

Tyra Banks and her boyfriend spent over $130 on frozen food and energy bars at Peas n’ Pickles in Brooklyn. Alyssa Milano tied the knot with her CAA agent boyfriend in Jersey. Queen Latifah says she’s always been a Nets fan because Darryl Dawkins used to get his hair cut at the barbershop over her house. Jimmy Fallon partied at the Cooper Square Hotel on Friday to celebrate his 100th episode. Tory Burch tweeted about her upcoming Gossip Girl cameo. And as if celeb tweets haven’t gotten enough attention, HarperCollins’s Twitter Wit comes out this month, publishing literary gems like Diablo Cody’s one-liner, “OMG, I’m at Baja Fresh and they have a Diablo Taco on the menu. I’m like ‘Me too, in my pants.’”

Mel Gibson Spends the Entirety of His New Movie With His Hand Inside a Beaver