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In Which Neighborhood Does This Person Want a Roommate?

The following posting does not give an address, nor does it give apartment size or specifications. But it is listed under “Rooms & Shares” in Brooklyn, and has a price tag of $500. Any guesses as to which hood this person is hoping to lure a prospective roommate into?

Tired of all the stereotype and location judgment? Do you believe that Williamsburg and Greenpoint are Over Rated neighborhoods that truly do not care about humanity, just one’s salary…? Ever heard of being too dark to be a Jew…. I heard it on Bedford Ave, Williamsburg!!! Such misjudgment is based about upon projection of people’s paranoia and insanity…….living in their closed society!!!

Listen…if you are REALLY in search of a “fun” place, clean environment, etc… Research more on your location and try to be CONSIDERATE about the highly gentrified places…..(THIS IS A CITY, not a suburban place) For instance… look for places that people DO NOT mention or talk about… because those are the places that real humans live in….. not the animals that follow crowds. Pushy people will push one overboard….

Those who want to be “near” the city of Manhattan or live in it….GET A REAL LIFE ..stop running down ghosts and working for unethical Scammers, and understand that Manhattan is an island that will be buried under water soon… understand that all 5 boroughs make up the city….thus, what happens in Manhattan, also happens in BK, BX, QNs, and S.I….vice versa. You cannot run away from the things you fear. Fact of New York City: ….every building and household in NYC, whether new or old, has Rodents. Observation: some of us act just like these rodents.

So what if you are vegan, or vegan friendly, or an animal lover…or a professional, or an aspiring artist, … From a reader’s point of view…. these are the cliche and redundancy of humanity…following careers and lifestyles that are proven hazardous to life. So, despite all one’s preferences and desires, and selectable wants…. IF YOU ARE REALLY IN NEED OF A will get one!!!

Hmmm, here’s our guess: extra boarding room, nursing home, all-white building, Crown Heights. Thoughts? (And don’t guess “420 City Boulevard, Staten Island,” as suggested by a link in the post, because that’s just what happens when you put “420 New York City NY US” into Google Maps.)

$500 Enough of the location stereotype already…this is still NYC [Craigslist]

In Which Neighborhood Does This Person Want a Roommate?