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Introducing ‘The Majority,’ Condé Nast’s Secret, Exclusive Club of Gays

Cash-crunched media snakepit Condé Nast may be getting rid of receptionists and making editors pay for their own newspaper and mag subscriptions, but a certain subset within 4 Times Square’s Tower of Power is going strong: the A-gays! Recently, we learned that there’s a secret gay social club within Condé that goes out for regular drinks, dishes on the rest of the company, and calls itself — and this is the best part — the Majority! That’s so cryptic yet chic and mid-century-modern sounding, right? So we got one of the founders of the Majority on the line, who told us all about the sniffy clique’s criteria and customs, as long as we promised to say only that he’s 31 and has been “on the business side” of one of Condé’s “prestige titles” for the past two-plus years. (Guesses, anyone?) Click through to hear every lifestyle detail about the top gays who terrorize the gay (and straight) plebes inside the media spire … and can you believe that they won’t let non-Condé gays into the group even when their jobs may be in jeopardy and they may need those networking contacts!? They won’t even let Anna in. Now that’s A-list!

Okay, self-described A-gay, tell us all about the Majority.
A-GAY: It’s still kind of an informal group that I started with a few other Condé gays a couple of months ago. It’s not affiliated with Condé. We get together and drink and gossip about what’s going on with the company. Our first time was at Japonais on 18th Street and our last was during Gay Pride Week at g. We’re getting together again in September.

Does the Majority have a preferred drink, like the Majoritini?
A-GAY: No, but we should probably come up with one.

Why are you called the Majority?
A-GAY: Originally we called it Gays and Lesbians of Condé — or GLACK! — but that was quickly changed based on the joke of, Who isn’t gay at Condé? We’re not really the minority, we’re the majority! It’s elusive — there’s a little mystery to it.

So you’re about 20, 25 strong right now. How many women?
A-GAY: There’s a little lesbian representation, two or three. At some point we may open it up to straight allies. A couple of people have brought non-Condé gays and we promptly blacklist those Condé employees. I think for the next one, the first two hours will be exclusively Condé.

So what’s the criteria to be asked into the Majority?
A-GAY: Me and a couple of others created a list of people that we know personally. People that are social. And it doesn’t hurt to be good-looking. But we wouldn’t necessarily not welcome unattractive gays.

The group isn’t meant to screen the A-gays from the dumpy gays?
A-GAY: Not necessarily; it’s more connected to friends and if they like another gay person. But it screens in a pretty well-dressed, attractive type. Though everyone at Condé is pretty well pulled-together.

What is the overall Majority look?
A-GAY: Professional, preppy. There’s a lot of gingham, loafers, sometimes a pocket square here and there, and a lot of madras ties. Everything from rag & bone to Gucci, Prada 

What are you wearing today?
A-GAY: I’m wearing a khaki suit I had custom-made in Asia with a white shirt. It’s a Prada cut.

Not a super-shortie Thom Browne cut?
A-GAY: That’s not a look for me.

Is most of the Majority on the business side or the editorial side?
A-GAY: Most are on the business side, sales and marketing, but it’s not excluding the editorial side.

Are you worried that Condé gays who aren’t invited in will be hurt and damaged?
A-GAY: If someone asked to come, we would probably allow them to. Again, we’d only exclude someone if they came to an event and brought a non-Condé gay.

But maybe it would be good right now for you guys to network with outside gays, given the shakiness at Condé …
A-GAY: [Laughs incredulously] Why, in case we lose our jobs? There still have to be some things that are private. It’s still Condé Nast!

Do you experience bitterness and jealousy from non-Condé gays, or the public in general?
A-GAY: Not bitterness, but certainly a kind of … curiosity about … people wonder how it is to work at Condé.

Is it that fabulous?
A-GAY: I couldn’t speak to that specifically. I’ve never worked at Vogue. But it’s very intense; everyone’s really smart and works really hard. It’s probably not for everyone.

Does everyone in the Majority have a share in the Pines [on Fire Island]?
A-GAY: Many of us do. I have my own place there, a half-share. Some of us are Hamptons people.

Do Graydon and Anna know about you guys?
A-GAY: Oh, no!

Would Anna come to one of your things?
A-GAY: No, she wouldn’t be invited! Maybe after those first two hours, as a straight ally, but it’s really limited to those who are actually homosexual.

Who are the top five Condé gays? André Leon Talley and who else?
A-GAY: I’m not going to point anyone out.

Are the Majority gays tops or bottoms?
A-GAY: Do you really think I’m going to comment on that? I have no idea.

Maybe mostly bottoms because they’re so in control and stressed out all day, then later they just want to lie back and let someone else do the work?
A-GAY: [Pause] I don’t think you could make that correlation.

Where do you see the Majority going?
A-GAY: We’ve actually talked about doing a little community service.

Like bringing last season’s gingham to the Housing Works stores?
A-GAY: That might be something we’d do. We’ve talked about coming together to form a team for the AIDS Walk.

Have you asked Chip Kidd to design your logo?
A-GAY: [Sniffs] We have graphic designers in the Majority, so we’d probably rely on our own talent group. It would be formatted after some kind of coat of arms. I’m not in that committee per se, so 

Who’s bitchier at Condé, the gays or the girls?
A-GAY: That’s a good question. It’d be a toss-up.

Introducing ‘The Majority,’ Condé Nast’s Secret, Exclusive Club of Gays