Legendary Skateboarder Andy Kessler Has Died

Andy Kessler, a prominent figure on the New York skateboarding scene of the late seventies and early eighties, has died, according to Skateboarder magazine, which reports that the cause was an allergic reaction to a hornet sting the skateboarder suffered in Montauk. Kessler, who designed many of the city’s skate parks, including those at Riverside Park, Pier 40, and in Brooklyn, was profiled in New York in 2005. “Everyone has their choice Kessler story,” David Browne reported. “Like the day he refused to move to the back of a crowded bus, telling the driver, “You move to the back. This place is a sardine can. I’ll drive the bus.”

The skaters aimed full speed at the concave wood. “They were these sick, sick guys,” recalls Ricky Mujica. “Fifty percent of the time they’d kill themselves.”

Not really, though. Per Skateboarder: “He will be greatly missed.”

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Legendary Skateboarder Andy Kessler Has Died