weird things Commenters Go Pro

Lana Turner, who was discovered at the Hollywood drugstore Schwab’s, is not even as hot as our commenters.

In the last century, star-makers looked for talent at hangouts like Schwab’s. These days, folks apparently go hunting in the comments section. HSBC has hired Daily Intel commenting regulars Martell, ScottRose, Rebecca Rose, Till507, and Wallfly to take their act professional: You can see them commenting on various topics in the bank’s new “Soapbox” ad, which is hovering around at the bottom of our website. Now they’re in The Wall Street Journal, and Martell tells us they’re even getting paid! If you have something to say about the weird meta-ness of this, or want to complain about not being chosen yourself (ComfortablySmug, NYAaron, IsGoodAtMath, we know you must be hurting a little), let it out in the comments. Just be sure to craft your comment carefully. If you are good enough, you might be discovered, too. [Digits/WSJ] Commenters Go Pro