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La Guardia Fake Bomber Scott McGann Could Be Your Boyfriend

We have to be honest: The first thing we thought when we saw a picture of Scott McGann, the 32-year-old California native who was arrested this weekend for bringing a fake bomb into La Guardia airport, is that he kind of looked like someone we or our friends might date. As it happens, minus the whole “crazy terrorist stunt” thing, he kind of is. Information about McGann that came out today indicates the line between cute scruffy boyfriends and schizophrenic would-be terrorists is thinner than we’d ever realized. For instance:

• He is a sculptor who made things out of scrap metal.

• “He was a friendly guy who worked a lot with skateboarders,” said William Saar, 50, who sells used books in Union Square.

• He was described by an acquaintance as “superintelligent but socially dysfunctional.”

• Also, “paranoid delusional and had a persecution complex.”

• Also, a worker at a hospital where McGann once spent time noted, “He was a pain in the ass.”

His mother says he is schizophrenic and needs help. We hope he gets some. Unlike airports, girls love to be terrorized by guys like this.

LaGuardia fake bomber Scott McGann’s mom says he’s sick and needs help, not crazy [NYDN]

La Guardia Fake Bomber Scott McGann Could Be Your Boyfriend