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Should Bloomberg Go Bald?

“If Mike shaves his head, young hip vote is his: victory assured,” Cory Booker, the young and indeed hip mayor of Newark, New Jersey, wrote on his Twitter feed this weekend, of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Booker then urged the mayor to shave again on Meet the Press last night. “It’s time for a preemptive strike,” he told him. But the mayor seemed skeptical, and frankly, so were we: Bloomberg is not a big man. Completely bald, we imagined, he could risk looking not like Bruce Willis or Will Smith, but like one of those hairless mice they breed for science experiments. But rather than make a judgment based on supposition, we had resident Photoshop artiste extraordinaire Jed Egan whip up a picture of what a bald Bloomberg would look like, and took it into the Daily Intel situation room for careful assessment.

Photo-illustration: Jed Egan; Photos: Getty Images

Well, how about that. Hizzoner actually looks pretty good. He even stole Bruce Willis’s twentysomething wifemodel! Now that’s what we call getting the youth vote.

N.J. Mayor Offers Bald Advice for Bloomberg [Washington Wire/WSJ]

Should Bloomberg Go Bald?