Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, and Jon Bon Jovi Were All in the Same Place This Weekend

’Tis the season to be swanning about the Hamptons! But just in case you’re not, here’s our weekly wrap-up of what you missed this weekend.

Legendary Washington Post reporter Ben Bradlee, Carl Bernstein, and Alec Baldwin were among the players at the annual Artists and Writers softball game in East Hampton this weekend. “I wanted the game to start earlier, but the writers want to play in the afternoon because they like to drink when they’re done,” Alec Baldwin protested of the game’s 3 p.m. start time. The U.S. Marshals have posted a “help wanted” ad, looking for “luxury home experts” who can maximize the proceeds on Bernie Madoff’s Montauk mansion. Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, and Jon Bon Jovi all ate at the Blue Parrot, but not together, and Jimmy Buffett returned the next day for more chipotle guacamole. Lindsay Lohan partied at Southampton’s Axe Lounge to celebrate nightlifer Noah Tepperberg’s birthday, and Rihanna was also out, visiting the Montauk Yacht Club, the Axe Lounge, and Philippe.

Various dogs-to-the-stars are prepping for the Celebrity Canine Obstacle Course Half-Time Show at the Hampton Classic Horse Show on August 23. Celebs and their pups include Aida Turturro and Buddy, Kristen Johnston and Pinky, Prince Lorenzo Borghese and James Bond, and Jill Rappaport and Petey. In related news, Lyme disease has afflicted a smattering of canine Hamptonians. The Montauk Coast Guard rescued an 800-pound James Frey read from his latest book, Illumination: The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, which imagines “what it might be like if the Messiah, or Christ, actually showed up on the streets of contemporary New York,” at the Amagansett Free Library Friday night.

Stella McCartney auctioned off two tickets to her March 2010 Paris fashion show at the Bridgehampton benefit she co-hosted to support the new Breast Center at Southampton Hospital. Robert Downey Jr. took a stroll through Amagansett with his wife. Giant Jason Sehorn and his wife, Angie Harmon, weekended at the Hedges Inn in East Hampton, as did former Lipstick Jungle star Kim Raver and her husband. Brooklyn Decker checked out photographer Russell James’s work in Southampton. And Bethenny Frankel tweeted about crashing a party with “george cheesy hamilton, marc cold jacobs, jon bon jovi and renee unexpectedly nice, hot and pretty zelwegger.”

Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, and Jon Bon Jovi Were All in the Same Place This Weekend