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The Collapse of Harvey Weinstein’s Empire Is Goldman Sachs’s Fault

Like the so-called witches that plagued early New England, the bank Goldman Sachs makes a handy scapegoat for people who have screwed up. They’re an indisputable force of evil — a vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity! — that preys on poor innocent civilians for sport and profit. Their latest victim? Poor Harvey Weinstein, who borrowed $1 billion from the bank to make movies, then proceeded to spend it like a drunken sailor on ill-fated forays into the Internet and fashion and cable industries. Whose fault is this? Not Harvey’s, obviously. He was possessed by Goldman, one investor in his company tells the Times.

Blame, this investor says, falls to Goldman Sachs as much as the Weinsteins. The imprimatur of the bank carried a lot of weight, and there was an assumption that Mr. Ravitch and others had done their homework. But there was at least one glaring oversight in their homework: nobody asked Michael Eisner what it’s like to work with the Weinsteins, according to two people who have discussed the subject with him.

Yes, clearly this is a case of a big evil bank once again not doing their due diligence! If only they had done some legwork, observed the nuances of Harvey’s personality, maybe administered the Myers-Briggs test, then they would have found out … what? That Weinstein was a mercurial megalomaniac, like every other talented person in Hollywood, and for that matter, everyone at Goldman Sachs?

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The Collapse of Harvey Weinstein’s Empire Is Goldman Sachs’s Fault