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The Real Reason Ben Stein Was Fired From the Times

In The American Spectator today Ben Stein theorizes about why he was fired from the New York Times. He does not appear to take at face value their excuse that he shilled for an online credit-report company and thereby caused an apparent conflict of interest. Generally, the column has been interpreted as an accusation that it was his anti-Obama views that got him ousted, but Stein actually lists a bunch of different reasons if you look closely. See which one you think is most likely:

• “The first real super problem I had was when the movie I narrated and co-wrote [the anti-Darwin film] Expelled — No Intelligence Allowed, was in progress.”
• “I made a new set of antagonists by repeatedly and in detail criticizing the real power in this country, the ‘investment bank’ Goldman Sachs, for what seemed to me questionable behavior.”
• “I started criticizing Mr. Obama quite sharply over his policies and practices.”
• “I had done a commercial for an Internet aggregating company called FreeScore. This commercial offered people a week of free access to their credit scores and then required them to pay for further such access.”
• “The Times also disliked Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Hmm.”

Seems pretty obvious to us.

Expelled From the New York Times [American Spectator]

The Real Reason Ben Stein Was Fired From the Times