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The Two Sides of Accused Model-Skank Liskula Cohen

Yesterday the Post was able to track down and briefly harass the formerly anonymous blogger, now known to be 29-year-old Rosemary Port, who slurred model Liskula Cohen as a skank and a hag and so on. They also discovered that, according to sources, Port became incensed after Cohen talked some trash about her to Port’s boyfriend. Locating her was easy because Cohen had just filed a $3 million lawsuit for “defamation in the form of libel and intentional emotional distress,” which named Port as the plaintiff. This despite personally telling Port that she had been forgiven and that “it doesn’t matter anymore.” Can you say that and then sue someone? We guess you can! But then last night, Cohen had a change of heart, again, and told her lawyer to drop the suit. “This is about forgiveness,” she explained. “It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers. I wish her happiness.” Such compassion is a rare, beautiful thing these days. But before we nominate Cohen for sainthood, we must acknowledge her other, darker side, the one that managed to scare the shit out of the Post’s Andrea Peyser.

After the columnist and Cohen the Merciful chatted yesterday, the model lit up a cigarette, though she hid it from the photographer because her “grandma wouldn’t like it.” Peyser jotted that down. And then this happened:

In an instant, lovely Liskula turned on me in a sputtering, cursing fury. It was not pretty.

What are you doing?” she snarled. “Leave my family out of this!

What do you think — I’m a f- - -ing asshole?” she said, staring straight into my eyes while unleashing a torrent of curses that nearly made me lose my pen.

That isn’t nice, is it? IS IT?!!” she demanded.

Well then. We have no idea what happened to that sweet woman with the bottomless heart. But after witnessing this flash of barely provoked rage, is it maybe possible that Cohen did wrong Port in some grievous way? We mean, not that we’re slandering her or anything. We would never do that.


The Two Sides of Accused Model-Skank Liskula Cohen