Mutant Rabbits, Assorted Other Fantastical Creatures Living Near JFK

Don't look it in the eyes!

Horror: The city may have gotten rid of the cell of terrorist geese whose kind were responsible for downing Flight 1549 this past January, but they’re not the only suspicious creatures hanging around JFK, biding their time, waiting to make trouble. Robert Horvath, the guy in charge of clearing the roadways, tells the blog City Birder:

Any given day while working as a falconer at Kennedy I’ll see kestrels, peregrines, osprey, jackrabbits … muskrat, just to name of few.

Kestrels?! Peregrines?!?! Jesus Christ! We don’t even know what those are!

And jackrabbits? Those things are giant! Where did they come from? “Urban legend is, they escaped from a shipment there over 50 years ago,” Horvath says, way too nonchalantly for our liking. Spookier still: They’re not even sure what kind of jackrabbits they are. Says the City Birder guy:

I did a little jackrabbit research to try and determine which species may be surviving at the airport. Without a rear view photo of the species in question I could only narrow it down to a White-tailed or Black-tailed Jackrabbit.

Or it could be something else entirely. Who knows what kind of creatures lurk around the airport? Not Horvath, the thrill-seeker: “Definitely makes it an adventure every day not knowing what I’ll encounter there,” he says.

Well. Mr. Percy Fawcett can keep his adventure. We’ll stick to the areas where the only exotic creatures are pigeons and trannies.

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Mutant Rabbits, Assorted Other Fantastical Creatures Living Near JFK